Instagram Reels have become one of the most popular ways for creators to entertain and engage their followers on the platform. And, downloading Instagram Reels for later viewing is becoming increasingly important.

Thankfully, there are now several Instagram reels download apps that can help save these short videos without limitations. In this article, we will review the most popular options for downloading Instagram Reels. By comparing functionality and real-world user experience, we aim to determine the best option. By comparing key features and user reviews, we aim to help you decide the best tool for instagram reels video download. 

Top 5 Apps to Download Instagram Reels

  1. Snaptube app
  2. StorySaver
  3. Reels Downloader Story Saver 
  4. SaveVideo (originally Saveinsta)
  5. Reels video Downloader for Ig


Snaptube is a free video and music downloader that enables users to download a variety of multimedia content from various social networks, including Instagram.

Main features of Snaptube Instagram download app:

  • Easily download Instagram stories, videos, posts and audio.
  • Download reel video in high quality MP4, MP3 or other formats.
  • Supports downloading from IGTV and profile photos.
  • Flexible options for quality and file size. Up to 4k Ultra HD.  
  • Download multiple videos or photos at once. 
  • Built-in player to preview downloads and watch videos offline.
  • Allow you to access Instagram for in-app downloads or use video links to download.


  • Intuitive interface, simple one-click download
  • Extract audio file from downloaded Reels
  • Stories and reels are saved directly to Gallery
  • Support downloading content from 50+ platforms
  • No registration or login is required to protect personal privacy
  • Snaptube runs smoothly, downloads quickly, and has no lag


  • Not available in Google Play
  • There are some ads in the app. 

As an all-inclusive audio and video downloader, Snaptube provides a reliable solution for saving Instagram videos and stories. However, it is not just limited to Instagram and allows users to download content in HD quality from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok without any restrictions.

instagram reels download app


StorySaver is a popular Instagram reels download app that makes it easy to download Instagram stories, posts, videos, and photos directly to your device.

Main features:

  • Save content from your own Instagram account or any public profile.
  • Download stories, posts and videos in high-quality formats with audio.
  • Intuitive user interface for browsing and downloading content.
  • Downloaded photos and videos can be replayed, reposted or edited.


  • Specifically designed to download Instagram content
  • Download photos and videos in the background
  • Preserve original quality of Stories, Reels and IGV videos when downloading
  • Simple one-click process to save Instagram stories/posts


  • The app displays too many ads that users consider annoying and unbearable
  • Basic free version with limited daily downloads/storage
  • App crashes frequently and doesn’t work somehow

StorySaver logs into your Instagram account directly within the app, making it easy to access downloads. Users love its high-quality downloads. The app may experience bugs and crashes, but the developers are constantly releasing updates to address these issues. Additionally, users can eliminate StorySaver’s frequent ads by upgrading to a premium plan through an in-app purchase.

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Reels Downloader Story Saver 

Reels Downloader Story Saver app allows you to download unlimited Instgram videos and photos to your device. It is free and easy to use. To make this Instagram reels download app work properly, you should copy and paste the URL into the app and download it.

Main features:

  • Save any reels videos from instagram easily. 
  • Save high-quality media including videos, photos and profiles.
  • Download multiple content in batches at the same time.
  • It contains captions and hashtag generators.


  • The app doesn’t ask for login
  • Easy and fast download of Instagram stories and reels
  • Over 5,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.5


  • The app sometimes won’t run, saying it downloaded but it didn’t
  • Some device usage data may be collected
  • Does supported direct download

Reels Downloader Story Saver app works like an online Instagram video download website. Users need to copy the Instagram video link and paste it into the app to download it. Overall, the application runs smoothly; however, occasionally error message will appear indicating that the entered URL invalid, cannot be downloaded, or is only downloading a thumbnail instead of the full MP4.

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Saveinsta (SaveVideo)

SaveVideo is a free app for Android that allows users to to easily and quickly download photos and videos from social networks like Instagram and TikTok. 

Main features:

  • Download Instagram videos, photos, stories, and profiles effortlessly.
  • Supports downloading via copy link or the share option.
  • Provides various quality options, from 360p to the video’s original quality.
  • Features a web version for compatibility with devices like PCs and tablets.
  • Has user base with over 1 million downloads.


  • No need to log in when using the app
  • Maintain the best quality of downloaded media
  • Easy management of downloaded videos and photos within the app
  • Option to select the destination folder for downloaded videos


  • You have to watch 30s unskipable ads for each download 
  • Occasionally reported bugs and crashes

SaveVideo, started as a website and later developed into an app, so its online download website is much better to use than the app because the app contains too many ads. In addition to using it to download Instagram reels, you can also save videos from TikTok, Facebook, and X. Simply copy and paste the link to initiate the download.

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Reels video Downloader for Ig 

This app provides a convenient solution for users looking to download Instagram Reels, videos, photos, and WhatsApp statuses directly to their devices.

Main features:

  • Effortlessly download Instagram Reels by copying the shared link。
  • Download Reels videos of any length.
  • Save WhatsApp status videos to your gallery.
  • Option to share downloaded videos with others


  • Efficiently downloads Instagram Reels, videos, and WhatsApp Status
  • Simple and intuitle interface
  • Easily accessible on the Play Store


  • There are too many ads, impacting the user experience
  • Sometimes not downloading
  • Basic free version with limited daily downloads

Overall, the Reels video Downloader for Ig app offers provides an easy way to download Instagram Reels, but it contains a lot of ads that may interfere with the user experience. Perhaps the developers could consider reducing disruptive ads and evolve the app into a more complete Instagram video downloading solution.

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Which is the best app to download Instagram reels and videos? 

After trying a few different apps for downloading Instagram Reels, I found that the best one is Snaptube. It stands out from other options due to its user-friendly interface and high-quality downloads. 

You can download Reels videos in one click, with no watermarks or ads to interrupt the experience. Even long video downloads are completed quickly. Best of all, Snaptube allows you to download music and videos from dozens of platforms beyond Instagram, something no other app has at all.

All in all, if your goal is to get the best quality possible for Instagram Reels download, and with the least intrusive ads, Snaptube is the best choice among all Instagram video download apps.

updated on Dec 15, 2023